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Volume 49, Issue 4
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FOREWORD: Straightening It Out: Joan Williams on Unbending Gender Adrienne D. Davis
PANEL ONE: Redesigning Work and the Benefits Related to it Adrienne Davis, Ann Shalleck, Joan Williams, Michael Selmi, Robert Drago, Mary Louise Fellows, Heidi Hartmann, Deborah Maranville
PANEL TWO: Who's Minding the Baby? Adrienne Davis, Marion Crain, Bonnie Thornton Dill, Nancy Dowd, Catherine Ross, Joan Williams
PANEL THREE: New Directions in Feminist Legal Theory Joan Williams, Jamie Boye, Adrienne Davis, Martha Ertman, Nancy Polikoff, Katharine Silbaugh, Lucie White, Susan D. Carle, Leti Volpp
AFTERWORD: Exploring the Economic Meanings of Gender Joan Williams