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Volume 51, Issue 3
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Welcome Address: The Human Genome Project, DNA Science, and the Law: The American Legal System's Response to Breakthroughs in Genetic Science Andrew Pike
Keynote Address Kathy Hudson
PANEL ONE: Intellectual Property and Genetic Science: The Legal Dilemmas Q. Todd Dickinson, John Kilyk, Jr., Arti K. Rai, Jack Spiegel
PANEL TWO: Criminal Law and DNA Science: Balancing Societal Interests and Civil Liberties Chris Asplen, David H. Kaye, Binny Miller, William Moffitt, Dr. F. Samuel Baechtel
PANEL THREE: Privacy: Genetic Profiling and Discrimination Lon A. Berk, Susan D. Carle, Paul Steven Miller, Elizabeth Barry Sandza, Nancy Segal, Michael J. Werner
COMMENT: Dietary Supplements: A Challenge Facing the FDA in Mad Cow Disease Prevention Meghan Colloton
Appendix: Biographies of Participants Law Review
Appendix: Diagram Law Review