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Volume 52, Issue 1
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L'Chaim, Burt! Sy Moskowitz
Tribute for Professor Burton Wechsler Claudio M. Grossman
Burton D. Wechsler, Scholar of Struggle James B. Raskin
Tribute to Burton Wechsler Victoria J. Doran
A Tribute to Burt Wechsler Daniel Palmer
Black and White Disenfranchisement: Populism, Race, and Class Burton D. Wechsler
Federalizing Privilege Timothy P. Glynn
The Intentional Tort of Patient Dumping: A New State Cause of Action to Address the Shortcomings of the Federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) Thomas A. Gionis, Carlos A. Camargo, Jr., Anthony S. Zito, Jr.
COMMENT: The End Justifies the Means: The Legal, Social, and Economic Justifications for Means Testing Under the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2001 James T. Hubler
COMMENT: Identity Theft: Victim "Cry Out" for Reform Erin M. Shoudt