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Volume 19, Issue 1
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Book Reviews: Racial Policies and Practices of Real Estate Board, Congress Urban Problems, Contemporary Thought on Federal Income Taxation, & Crisis in Car Insurance Philip E. Barringer, Richard W. Murphy, Charles T. Lloyd & James P. Duffy
Recent Decisions: DC, MA, VA Law Review
Note: Pre-judgment Garnishment—A Violation of Due Process—Sniadach v. Family Finance Corp. Charles Rodman
Note: Military Court-Martial—Scope of Review by Civilian Courts—Violation of Constitutional Rights—Kaufman v. Secretary of the Air Force Daniel C. Perry
Note: Criminal Procedure—Post-Conviction Relief Under Section 2255 Available After Failure to Raise Issue of Unconstitutional Search and Seizure—Kaufman v. United States Lawrence N. Lebow
Note: Constitutional Law—Criminal Law—The Right to a Jury Trial in Criminal Contempt Cases When the Penalty Imposed is Probation—The Supreme Court's "Unfortunate Retreat"—Frank v. United States, 395 U.S. 147 (1969) Audre Engleman
Chronic Alcoholism and Public Drunkenness—Quo Vadimus Post Powell George F. Bason, Jr.
A Liability for Outer Space Activities Paul G. Dembling
Prater II Howard R. Popper
For Greater Patent Validity Rene D. Tegtmeyer
COMMENT: S 782: A Bill For the Protection of Constitutional Rights of Privacy of Federal Employees Robert M. Foley & Harold P. Coxson, Jr.