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Volume 40, Issue 2
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International Drug Cartels: Miami Vice or Government Spice Edward R. Shohat, Pamela I. Perry
Citizen Comprehension of Difficult Issues: Lessons from Civil Jury Trials Joe S. Cecil, Valerie P. Hans, Elizabeth C. Wiggins
Who is an Impartial Juror in an Age of Mass Media Law Review
On the Effectiveness of Voir Dire in Criminal Cases with Prejudicial Pretrial Publicity: An Empirical Study Norbert L. Kerr, Geoffrey P. Kramer, John S. Carroll, James J. Alfini
Jurors' Attitudes About Civil Litigation and the Size of Damage Awards Edith Greene, Jane Goodman, Elizabeth F. Loftus
Is Attorney-Conducted Voir Dire an Effective Procedure for the Selection of Impartial Juries Reid Hastie
What Empirical Research Tell Us: Studying Judges' and Juries' Behavior Peter David Blanck
Panel One: What Empirical Research Tells Us, and What We Need to Know About Juries and the Quest for Impartiality Law Review
COMMENT: United States' Waste Export Control Program: Burying Our Neighbors in Garbage Julienne I. Adler
COMMENT: Does the Privacy Act of 1974 Protect Your Right to Privacy--An Examination of the Routine Use Exemption Todd Robert Coles
Selecting Impartial Juries: Must Ignorance be a Virtue in Our Search for Justice--Welcome and Statement of the Issue Law Review
Keynote Address: The Impact of Television on the Jury System: Ancient Myths and Modern Realism Fred Graham
Getting to Know You Robert F. Hanley
Panel Two: Current Judicial Practice, Legal Issues and Existing Remedies Law Review
COMMENT: Rico "Pattern" before and after H.J. Inc.: A Proposed Definition Lisa Barsoomian
Generic Prejudice: How Drug War Fervor Threatens the Right to a Fair Trial Jack C. Doppelt
Latest Empirical Studies on Pretrial Publicity, Jury Bias, and Judicial Remedies--Not Enough to Overcome the First Amendment Right of Access to Pretrial Hearings, The Robb M. Jones
Jury Selection in a High-Profile Case: United States v. Delorean Robert M. Takasugi
Panel Three: The Roles of Juries and the Press in the Modern Judicial System Law Review