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Volume 42, Issue 3
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Survey of MSPB Cases in 1991-1992: Theoretical Critique and Practical Applications G. Jerry Shaw, Jr.; William S. Bransford; Richard A. Moore; and Christopher M. Okay
Federal Circuit Trademark Roundup Jerome Gilson and Andrew Hartman
Patent Law Developments in the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit During 1992 Kendrew H. Colton and Michael W. Haas
Government Contracts: 1992 Analysis and Summary Victor J. Zupa and Brian J. Siebel
NOTE: County of Yakima v. Confederated Tribes & Bands of the Yakima Indian Nation: State Taxation as a Means of Diminishing the Tribal Land Base Christopher A. Karns
Contemporary Issues in Patent Damages Paul M. Janicke
Section 337 and the GATT: The Problem or the Solution Robert G. Krupka, Phillip C. Swain, and Russell E. Levine
Federal Circuit: Judicial Stability or Judicial Activism, The Introduction Hon. Pauline Newman