Washington College of Law
Symposium 2012
America the Virtual: Security, Privacy, and Interoperability in an Interconnected World
Welcome Remarks
Featuring Mary Clark, Harriet Pearson, and Melanie Teplisnky
Duration: 31:36
Keynote Address
Featuring Ivan Fong
Duration: 54:19
Panel 1: The Promise and Peril of Being Interconnected, Interoperable, and Intelligent
Featuring George W. Arnold, Tim Andrews, and Tom Kellerman
Duration: 1:14:24
Panel 2: Cybersecurity & Law
Featuring Harriet Pearson, Jessica Herrera-Flanigan, Erig Wenger, and Mike McNerney
Duration: 1:17:44
Panel 3: Internet Governance: Who Will Lead the Way?
Featuring J. Beckwith Burr, Rashmi Rangnath, Paul Brigner, and Thomas J. Smedinghoff
Duration: 1:15:45
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