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Volume 50, Issue 2
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PANEL ONE: The Road to Napster: Internet Technology and Digital Content Christine Haight Farley, Jonathan Band, George M. Borkowski, Shubha Ghosh, James H. Laughlin, Michael J. Madison, Declan McCullagh, and Peter K. Schalestock
PANEL TWO: Which Legal Rules Control?: Evaluating Arguments Timothy Casey, Peter Jaszi, Jeffrey G. Knowles, Brian Mudge, L. Ray Patterson, & Laurence F. Pulgram
PANEL THREE: New Business Models, Regulatory Options and the Future of Copyright on the Internet Joshua J. Kaufman, Ann Bartow, Edward J. Black, Philip S. Corwin, Brian Hecht, Keith Kupferschmid, Bennett Lincoff, and David Pakman
Keynote Address: Resolving Tensions Between Copyright and the Internet Lewis A. Laplan
COMMENT: A Nation of Felons?: Napster, the Net Act, and the Criminal Prosecution of File-Sharing Aaron M. Bailey