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Volume 56, Issue 4
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FOREWORD: The Price of Popularity: The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit 2007 Hon. S. Jay Plager
The Trademark Jurisprudence of Judge Rich Jeffrey M. Samuels & Linda B. Samuels
Survey of the Federal Circuit's Patent Law Decisions in 2006: A New Chapter in the Ongoing Dialogue with the Supreme Court Gregory A. Castanias, Lawrence D. Rosenberg, Michael S. Fried, & Todd R. Geremia
Review of the 2006 Trademark Decisions of the Federal Circuit Christine Haight Farley & Geri L. Haight
International Trade Decisions of the Federal Circuit: 2006 Cases and Highlights of 2003-2005 Alexandra E. P. Baj
2006 Government Contract Decisions of the Federal Circuit David W. Burgett, William F. Ferreira, Allison D. Pugsley, & Deborah A. Raviv