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Volume 61, Issue 4
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FOREWORD: The Federal Circuit at Thirty Hon. Pauline Newman
Tailoring Remedies to Spur Innovation Sarah R. Wasserman Rajec
2011 Patent Law Decisions of the Federal Circuit Robert A. Pollock, Linda A. Wadler, Robert D. Litowitz, Joyce Craig, Bart A. Gerstenblith, Christina Szakaly, Zhenyu Yang, and Mindy L. Ehrenfried
2011 Government Contract Law Decisions of the Federal Circuit Joel Singer, Kyle Fiet, Matthew Solomson & Benjamin Glerum
2011 International Trade Law Decisions of the Federal Circuit Gregory J. Spak, Forrest R. Hansen & Daniel J. Hickman
2011 Trademark Law Decisions of the Federal Circuit Marynelle Wilson & Antigone Peyton
Changing Voices in a Familiar Conversation About Rules vs. Standards: Veterans Law at the Federal Circuit in 2011 James D. Ridgway
NOTE: Tianrui Group Co. v. International Trade Commission: The Dubious Status of Extraterritoriality and the Domestic Industry Requirement of Section 337 Viki Economides