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Volume 3, Issue 2
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Administrative Law: The Status of "Substantial Evidence," Part I Daniel E. Matthews
Admissibility of Confessions Secured Prior to Arraignment Daniel I. Sherry
Command Influence: The Effect of Military Discipline on Military Justice R. A. Noble, William V. Vitale, Charles R. Mayer, and Floyd v. Bagley
COMMENT: The Immorality of Appeal J. G. Chakeres
NOTE: Jouvenile Court - Habeas Corpus from Commitment for Psychiatric Treatment C. Allen Harpine
BOOK REVIEW: A Treatise on Labor Law Philip Levy
BOOK REVIEW: The Law of Homicide Barnard T. Welsh
BOOK REVIEW: A Concise History of the Law of Nations (Revised Edition) Pitman B. Potter
BOOK REVIEW: Separation Agreements and Ante-Nuptial Contracts Karl Stecher