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The Use of Police Power as a Trade Barrier in the Milk Industry: A Suggested Legislative Remedy Max Bayar
Compelled Handwriting Specimens a Violation of the Privilege Against Self Incrimination Albert C. Naum
NOTE: Taxation of Military Personnel, Dameron v. Brodhead, 345 U. S. 322 (1953) Donald W. Dooley
NOTE: Expiration of Term of Enlistment, United States v. Downs, 11 C.M.R. 90 (1953) Albert C. Naum
NOTE: The Best Evidence Rule, United States v. Rhodes, 11 C.M.R. 73 (1953) Albert C. Naum
COMMENT: Whither Fair Trade Laws--An Appraisal of the United States Supreme Court Position in the Light of Lilly v. Schwegmann Solomon G. Sherman
COMMENT: Expatriation in the Light of Achesom v. Maenza Paul Chappel
NOTE: Criminal Law-Discharge of jury as double jeopardy. Scott v. United States, 202 F. 2d 354 (D.C. Cir. 1953) David T. Innis
NOTE: Criminal Law-Right to a unanimous verdict. Hibdon v. United States, 204 F.2d 834 (D.C. Cir. 1953) J. Jack Ingram
NOTE: Evidence-Wire tapping in State criminal proceedings. Schwartz v. Texas, 344 U. S. 199 (1952) Daniel I. Sherry
NOTE: Landlord & Tenant-Tenant's liability to repair. Zoslow v. National Savings and Trust Company, et. al. 201 F. 2d 208 (1952) Emanuel A. Lipscomb
NOTE: Landlord & Tenant-Landlord's liability to invitee. Bowles v. Mahoney, 202 F. 2d 320 (1952) Claire R. Carey
NOTE: Jurisdiction-Actions between resident aliens and foreign states in the Federal courts of the District of Columbia. Pang-Tsu Mow v. Republic of China, 201 F. 2d 195 (D. C. Cir. 1952) Kenneth Edmonds
BOOK REVIEW: Handbook of Law Study by Ferdinand F. Stone David R. Bookstaver