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The First Annual Edwin A. Mooers Lecture, March 25, 1961: Introductory Remarks John Sherman Myers
The Foundation of Law Roscoe Pound
"As Determined by the United States of America" Andre Aversa
NOTE: The Defense of Insanity—A Sword and a Shield Wallace L. Duncan & Frank Weiss
NOTE: Verdict of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity Does Not Represent an Acquittal for Purposes of Jeopardy Provision of Fifth Amendment, Rucker v. United States Robert A. Bernstein
NOTE: Physicians and Surgeons—Action for Disclosure of Privileged Communication, Clark v. Geraci, 208 N.Y.S.2d 564 (1960) Thomas P. Mains, Jr.
NOTE: Privilege Against Self-Incrimination, State v. De Cola, 33 N.J. 385, 164 A.2d 729 (1960) David W. West
NOTE: Trespass, Cleveland Park Club v. Perry, 165 A.2d 485 (1960) Carol Williams
BOOK REVIEW: Equity and Law: A Comparitive Study by Ralph A. Newman Charles B. Nutting
BOOK REVIEW: Cases and Materials on Labor Relations Law by Russell A. Smith & Leroy S. Merrifield Walter H.E. Jaeger
BOOK REVIEW: Government, Law and Courts in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe edited by Vladimir Gsovski & Kazimierz Grzybowski Wladyslaw W. Kulski
BOOK REVIEW: State Immunities and Trading Activities by Sompong Sucharitkul Claude B. Mickelwait
BOOK REVIEW: A Treatise on the Law of Contracts (Samuel Williston, Third Edition) by Walter H.E. Jaeger John B. McManus, Jr.