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Volume 11, Issue 1
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Criminal Law Reform in Israel Haim Cohn
Presidential Power: Spending and Segregation - The Power of the President to Impound Appropriated Funds: With Special Reference to Grants-in-Aid to Segregated Activities Robert E. Goostree
Federal Pretrial Procedure Alexander Holtzoff
A 20th Century Emancipation Proclamation: Presidential Power Permits Witholding of Federal Funds from Segregated Institutions Harry Kranz
Note: A Bill Designed to Do Equity to a Small Group of Homesteaders in Alaska by Quitclaiming Oil and Gas Rights to Them Joseph Brewer
Case Notes Roger E. Zylstra, Paul Schiffman, Robert Bernstein, Carol Williams, C. Gordon McBride, E.O.C. Ord, Freda Hamburger
Book Reviews Claude B. Mickelwait, J. Skelley Wright, Lawrence S. Lesser, Frederick W. Danforth, Jr.