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Volume 22, Issue 2
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Governmental Intervention in the Conveyancing Process Barlow Burke, Jr.
A Uniform Land Parcel Identifierā€Its Potential For All Our Land Records Paul E. Basye
Twentieth Century Real Estate Business and Einghteenth Century Recording Fairfax Leary, Jr. & David G. Blake
Public Costs of Land Records Gene Wunderlich
Automation of the Land Title System Peter B. Maggs
Computerization of Land Records by the Title Industry John E. Jensen
COMMENT: Unauthorized Practice and Conveyancing: A Modest Proposal Kenneth G. Lore
COMMENT: Minimum Fee Schedules as Price Fixing: A Per Se Violation of the Sherman Act Roy S. Walzer
COMMENT: Title Abstractor's Liability in Tort and Contract: A Right of Action for Injured Third Persons Linda D. Schwartz