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Volume 29, Issue 1
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In Memoriam: William O. Douglas Rev. Edward L. R. Elson, Hon. Warren E. Burger, Hon. Abe Fortas, Hon. Clark M. Clifford, Sidney M. Davis, Eric Sevareid
Mediation and Arbitration as a Civil Alternative to the Criminal Justice System--An Overview and Legal Analysis Paul R. Rice
COMMENT: Product Seizures by the Federal Government: Procedurally Unconstitutional? Gertrude Jollek White
COMMENT: Generic Term or Trademark?: Confusing Legal Standards and Inadequate Protection Carol A. Melton
COMMENT: The Case for the Renovated Repair Rule: Admission of Evidence of Subsequent Repairs Against the Mass Producer in Strict Products Liability Debra J. Hackford
NOTE: American Security Council Education Foundation v. Federal Communications Commission: An Increased Burden of Proof in Fairness Doctrine Complaints David Goldfarb