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Volume 31, Issue 4
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CONFERENCE: What is International Humanitarian Law? The Role of the International Committee of the Red Cross Raymond I. Geraldson, Jacques Moreillon, and David P. Forsythe
CONFERENCE: Teaching Humanitarian Law in Universities and Law Schools Waldemar A. Solf, Harry Almond, Howard Levie, William O'Brien, Michael Bothe, and Hon. Frank C. Newman
CONFERENCE: Interstate Armed Conflict and Wars of National Liberation Bart De Schutter, John Norton Moore, and Yoram Dinstein
CONFERENCE: Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Dietrich Schindler, Antonio Cassese, Richard B. Bilder, Ronald Bettauer, Heman Montealegre, and Pierre de Senarclens
CONFERENCE: Civilian Immunity and the Principle of Distinction Frits Kalshoven, Burrus Carnahan, George H. Aldrich, Hamilton DeSaussure, and Telford Taylord
CONFERENCE: Non-International Armed Conflicts David Miller, Michael Bothe, Hans-Peter Gasser, and Waldemar A. Solf
CONFERENCE: The American Red Cross-Washington College of Law Conference: International Humanitarian Law Thomas Buergenthal, Jerome H. Holland, and Alexandre Hay
DEDICATION: Judge Richard R. Baxter International Law Collection Inaugural Ceremony Thomas Buergenthal, Monroe Leigh, Stephen M. Schwebel, Laurence H. Williams, and David M. Miller
COMMENT: Copyrighting Conversations: Applying the 1976 Copyright Act to Interviews Andrea S. Hirsch
Commencement Address, May 16, 1982 Hon. Harold H. Greene
COMMENT: When a Veteran "Wants" Uncle Sam: Theories of Recovery for Servicemembers Exposed to Hazardous Substances Lora Tredway
COMMENT: Problems "Arising Under" Verlinden B.V. v. Central Bank of Nigeria Robert T. Novick