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Volume 34, Issue 3
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Frivolous Appeals in the Federal Courts: The Ways of the Circuits Robert J. Martineau; Patricia A. Davidson
Dedication: Dean Thomas Buergenthal Robert G. Vaughn
Dedication: Tom Buergenthal-My Student, Colleague and Cherished Friend Louis B. Sohn
Dedication: Dean Thomas Buergenthal: A Tribute A. Leo Levin
Note: Ambassador Division of Florsheim Shoe v. United States: Effectuating Periodic Review of a Countervailing Duty Order Through Suspension of Liquidation Risa H. Rahinsky
Note: American College of Physicians v. United States Catherine Ames English
Note: Lindahl Versus Bronger: The Federal Circuit's Jurisdiction Over the MSPB's Civil Service Retirement Decisions Scott Aaron Johnson
Note: Ralston Purina Co. v. On-Cor Frozen Foods, Inc.: Token Use Taken to the Limit? Cheryl L. Cohen
Note: A Practical Guide For Proving Fraud on the Patent and Trademark Office: J.P. Stevents & Co. v. Lex Tex Ltd. Gina Elder
Note: Kimberly-Clark Corp. v. Johnson & Johnson: Prior Work and Prior Art in Obviousness Determinations Louis J. Beltrami
Note: Goldman v. Secretary of Defense: Restricting the Religious Rights of Military Servicemembers Stephen Lewis Rabinowitz
Note: Paper Converting Machine Company v. Magna-Graphics Corporation: Increased Protection Against Making and Using Combination Patents J. Dwyer Murphy
Comment: To Love and Obey 'Til Graduation Day - The Professional Degree in Light of the Uniform Marital Property Act Susan Klebanoff
The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit: Challenge and Opportunity Howard T. Markey
The Disparate Impact Model of Discrimination: Theory and Limits Steven L. Willborn
Editor's Note: A Review of Recent Decisions of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Henry John Uscinski